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Our service aspects are being future with necessary Relay testing & Calibrations, CT & PT Calibrations, Primary & Secondary injection testing for CTs, Testing and checking of contact resistance value and etc., Our services are ever pleasant full and loyal to them that are being after us & waits for to be satisfied.

Ackura Machining Solutions takes pride on itself in the Excellence of its Service Division that has brought laurels to this company. All we had appointed in this Company for the base of providing services are well Expertise and Enough intelligence not just to service the products but surf the atom scheduled work on any kind of services.
Ackura Machining Solutions provides Off-site and on-site services not only for its products but for every other Manufacturer’s and it would not be indecorous to point out that though several Manufacturers’have left the fray, IT (Ackura Machining Solutions) offers technical services even for those products.